DataSonnetYour Open Source Data Transformation Solution

DataSonnet provides a universal data transformation tool

Integrations are pivotal in today’s applications, and transforming data between apps is a requirement. Many integration platforms provide tools for mapping, but they can lock you into a particular vendor. DataSonnet was built to to be open, portable, and business friendly.

Flexible and Open

DataSonnet was built to be portable. It works with ESBs, Java-based platforms, and as a standalone executable or microservice. And DataSonnet’s open source license eliminates vendor lock-in.

Tailored for Integration

DataSonnet extends JSonnet, a data-templating language designed for generating configuration files, used by businesses like Google and DataBricks. DataSonnet adds a suite of powerful data integration functions for transforming data for EDI, APIs, microservices, and more.

Easy to Learn

DataSonnet has a simple javascript-like syntax. Strong typing prevents subtle errors, and the helpful error messages allow even occasional programmers to learn and build powerful transformations.

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